Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter Cupcakes and an "Egg Hunt" Cake

No sooner did I finish the great birthday cake experiment, and Easter was upon us.  My 4 year old is now in preschool (!) and they had a little Easter party.  Of course, I signed up for a dessert.  But what do you make for twenty 3-4 year olds?  Cupcakes, of course!

I hauled my cupcake pan back out (which really does require some hauling, since it is a stoneware pan and weighs about 10 lbs) and make my trusty chocolate cake recipe again, this time in cupcake form.  It's the same recipe I used for the birthday cake and you can find it here.  This time I baked the cupcakes for about 30 minutes.

I decided to make Easter Basket cupcakes, minus the handles.  I skipped the handles (to have been made with Twizzlers) mostly because I ran out of time that morning.  Oh, well.  Now I have a bag of Twizzlers.  Handles or no, these were INCREDIBLY easy to make.  And yummy.  Twenty preschoolers will agree.

I started off icing the cupcakes with green tinted buttercream icing, the same as I used on the birthday cake.  I thinned it out slightly with about a tablespoon of milk.  Then I added the "grass."  I used green food coloring to tint shredded coconut and then I rolled each cupcake in the coconut.

And to finish them off, I added three Easter M&Ms to each cupcake to look like Easter eggs.  You might notice that there is ONE cupcake, on the lower right, that has no coconut.  A certain 4 year old decided at the last minute that he does not like coconut (who knew?) so I had to scrape it off and re-ice it for him.

Voila!  Easter cupcakes!

So, for the "Egg Hunt" cake, I needed another quick dessert for ANOTHER party on the same day.  I had leftover green icing and green coconut (what else was I going to do with them?) and leftover M&Ms.  So I made a half recipe of chocolate cake, iced the whole thing in pan after it cooled, sprinkled on the coconut and added the "eggs" and that was it.  I didn't have to show up at the party empty handed.

And now that Easter is over, my sweet tooth is ACHING!  Too much candy, too many sweets.  I think I'll bake something more fruity and less sugary next.

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