About Me

I'm Cindy, a thirty-something wife and mother.  I have a lifelong obsession with cooking, but mostly baking.  My Dad was an amazing cook and my Mom still is and they both taught me a lot.  I love trying new recipes and tweaking them to suit my tastes (or to suit what I have in my pantry and refrigerator.)  I love making things up on the fly, too.
My kitchen is the heart of my home.  I create our meals there, it's where guests gather, it's warm and inviting.  If I was an artist, my kitchen would be my studio.
The things I cook and bake come from a variety of places.  I have well over 50 cookbooks, and probably more than that.  Plus I have my recipe book (given to me by my mom when I first moved away from home, with all of my family favorites already written down-I've added to it over the years and have just ONE remaining empty page), cutouts from magazines and the internet.  I have so many things that I want to try!  Plus all my favorites that I like to make again and again!

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